General Information


Events in each Band Grade are as follows:

  • Sacred Item (Time Limit 6 mins),
  • On Stage March (As per the existing NBCA Approved March List),
  • Own Choice Concert Item (Time Limit 8 Mins), and
  • Single Own Choice Major Work (Time limit 25 mins).

Each band may choose to enter one or more events in their grade.

For example, a band can choose to enter just the sacred item event, or they could enter only all of the smaller items, or all items.

There is no requirement for Marching or unnecessary clipboards.

Band Grades

Bands will compete in Grades based on the grades used in the National Band Championships and by the State Associations as follows:

  • Open A, B, C & D Brass
  • Open A, B, C & D Concert
  • Junior A, B & C Brass
  • Junior A, B, C & D Concert

For all Australian and New Zealand bands entering, the Grading by the relevant State Association as at the date of the close of entries will apply.

Any international band (outside of New Zealand), wishing to enter is asked to provide their recent festival and/or championship results and a recent recording(s) (not less than 12 months old) of the band with their entry so they can be graded appropriately for the festival.

Expected Grade Levels

Open A Grade Brass and Concert Music Grade: 5+
Open B Grade Brass and Concert Music Grade: 4+
Open C Grade Brass and Concert Music Grade: 3+
Open D Grade Concert Music Grade 1.5+
Open D Grade Brass Music Grade: 1.5+
Junior A Grade Brass and Concert Music Grade: 4.5+
Junior B Grade Brass and Concert Music Grade: 3.5+
Junior C Grade Brass Music Grade: 1.5+
Junior C Grade Concert Music Grade: 2.5+
Junior D Grade Concert Music Grade: 1.5+


Player Registration

All bands and band members appearing in recorded videos for bands must be registered members of their relevant State Association.

Registration with the relevant State Association must be as at the day before the close off date for submission of recordings.

Each band will be required to verify upon submission of the recording of the band that all members appearing in their video (videos) are regular members of that band and are registered with the relevant State Governing Body.

Greater flexibility is provided in that an individual who regularly plays with multiple bands may play with as many of those bands that enter the festival provided they are registered with the relevant State Association. (Permits will not be required.)

Furthermore the same members of a band are not required to play for all events entered by that band. A band may use this provision to split the band into different groups for each event entered.

Maximum and Minimum Numbers of Members Performing

The minimum number of players in a band performing in any video recording is 16 (including percussion) plus a conductor for all bands.

There are no maximum numbers.

Adjudication and Awards

After the close-off date for submission, recordings will be sent to the adjudicators for adjudication.

Each band will be provided with a recorded adjudication of each of their performances after the conclusion of the festival over Easter 2021.

In light of the likely differences in video and sound recording qualities, no points and no placings will be awarded.

Nonetheless awards will be given as follows:

  • Platinum – An exemplary display of technical ability and musical interpretation of the composition.
  • Gold – An excellent display of technical ability and musical interpretation of the composition
  • Silver – A good display of technical ability and musical interpretation of the composition
  • Bronze – A satisfactory recognition of performance

These awards will be announced at the end of the stream for each event over Easter 2021 weekend.

Following the announcement of results, all adjudication recordings will be emailed to bands along with appropriate certificates and Plaques will be available for delivery/collection.

Live-streaming of the Festival – Easter 2021

Over Easter 2021, all entries will be live streamed by However sound only will be streamed for any school band who does not wish to have the video of their band to be broadcast.

Results announcements for each event will also be made via both and published on the Nationals, NBCA and BANSW Facebook pages and websites.