Important Dates and Entries

Important Dates

Dec 1, 2020: Registrations Open

Feb 12, 2021: Registrations Close

Feb 13, 2021: Uploads of Videos and Scores Open

Mar 12, 2021: Uploads of Videos and Scores Close

NB: Bands record their videos after Jan 1 2021, with no editing of the sound track.

Mar 27, 2021: Release of Festival Schedule and Program

April 2-5, 2021: ANOFOB live-streamed by Brassbanned


Entry is only open to brass and concert bands and band members registered with a State band association or an equivalent international band association.

Bands wishing to enter the ANOFOB must complete and submit a valid entry form with entry fee by the specified closing date for submission of entry applications.

The entry application must specify the grade of the band and the sections for adjudication.

Bands will submit and pay for their entries through the ANOFOB shop by Feb 12, 2021.

Entry Fees

The entry fee depends on the number of events entered

and is AUD 100 (incl. GST) per video/event.

Payment of entries is via our ANOFOB shop. Please adjust your shopping cart to reflect the number of videos/events you will be submitting. If you are only entering 1 video/event it is $100.00, however, 2 videos/events is $200.00 etc… up to 4 videos/events per band for $400.00.

There will be no refund of entry fees after the close of entries, except in the event of extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of the event organising committee.

Registration Form


Registrations have now closed for the 2021 ANOFOB.


Registration is not confirmed until payment is received.

Please go to the ANOFOB shop to pay for your entry.

For school bands that require an invoice,

please email