Synchronisation Rights

Synchronisation Rights

The Band Association of NSW (BANSW) as the conveners of the Australian National Online Festival of Bands (ANOFOB) has been working on a solution to Synchronisation Rights and how to obtain permission for making the audio-visual material, which bands must create to participate in the ANOFOB. 

Copyright laws require that to make a video recording of any work; you must obtain permission from the Publisher, Composer or Owner of the Rights. Currently, the rights to provide that permission lies with the work’s Publishers/Owners and not with OneMusic Australia to include in any broad licence.

Discussions with APRA/AMCOS and AMPAL about the need for these rights and have them licensed together through OneMusic Australia and included in their current Community Music Licence or a similar “blanket licence” are ongoing. 

The only way for the ANOFOB to proceed now is to require all bands to provide us with approval for synchronisation from their publishers or evidence of an attempt to obtain synchronisation approval (if not received before the video submission due date). Further, participating bands are to cover any costs associated with obtaining such approvals. 

To simplify this as much as we can, we have provided a draft email (see below) for bands to seek approval for the ANOFOB. However, most Music Publishers have an online form on their websites for these types of requests. 

Draft email to Music Publisher/Rights Owner: 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

The ……………………………. (Band Name) is seeking Synchronisation permission for ………………………………………………..(composition name and composer) in the 2021 Australian National Online Festival of Bands (ANOFOB) 

We are a not for profit organisation, and the AONFOB is a not for profit online community-based event. The BANSW who are running the ANOFOB is a not-for-profit organisation. We request synchronisation permission as participation in the ANOFOB requires a video recorded performance of the above work to be made and uploaded to the BANSW YouTube Channel for adjudication and the events livestreaming. 

The video and event are non-commercial. The video recording has no religious, political or commercial associations or affiliations, and the recording of the video performance is in a “concert-style performance” setting. 

We also request that you waive or minimise any fees you may usually attach to synchronisation permissions. 

As the ANOFOB recordings need to be submitted early in March 2021, we seek your prompt response to our request. 

Thank you in anticipation

……………………..(Band Secretary, Band Name)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the copyright? If you require assistance with working out who the copyright owner is please email APRA/AMCOS at

Will we accept special conditions? Yes, special conditions that are included as part of the synchronisation approval can be listed when submitting your scores.

How long will the recordings be available for? Recordings will be displayed on the BANSW YouTube channel for a period of 3 months after the ANOFOB unless a special condition is advised at time of submission of scores.

Will recordings be shared elsewhere e.g. Social Media? On the ANOFOB and BANSW Facebook pages, we will provide a links to the BANSW YouTube Channel so that viewers that see the video recordings.

Will the recordings be geo-blocked? No.

Will BANSW or Brassbanned be charging any subscription/viewer fees? No.

Can we enter and send in videos while waiting for permission? Further, if it is then too costly, can we withdraw and get our entry refunded? Yes, send in your videos. There is no need to withdraw your entry. If permission is denied or the price is too much then we will still have your band adjudicated and included in the awards but will not broadcast your video. We are looking into the option if streaming just the audio component is doable/feasible.  Either way, please enter and submit your recordings.


We also advise any band which has any issues or complaints to make about this requirement and the associated costs to direct these complaints, including expressing the need for these rights to be licensed through OneMusic Australia for community music groups, directly to the Music Publishers and AMPAL at